Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A day off

As reported in the media, it is really hard getting tickets to events where it is either sold out or you can't get the tickets that haven't been sold, this has been the worst Olympics ever for getting tickets, the system they have set up is terrible, I am lucky that I have a source that can get me a few basketball tickets for Australia games. Yesterday (tuesday) I did a wander around the city area, just taking in a few sites, this was after I watched the Australian men play Spain, they looked awful, scoring only 25 to about 50odd in the middle 2 quarters, loosing by only 12 was very flattering. I hope to get to see the last 4 games the boomers & opals play of the pool games, friday to monday, Opals play Brazil today, it will be a tough match. Interesting the British are getting very nervous they have got to Day 5 without a Gold, Australia I think will struggle to get to 10 gold, I think 8-9 is good as it will get.

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Flabmeister said...

Are tickets to the badminton easily available? Perhaps the Australian basketball teams have been trying to lose on purpose, but haven't quite twigged you also have to win a few games?