Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday - first day of comp

I had the usual restless night of sleep, woke up around 3ish and then every hour, the 3 hour time difference doesn't help, I starting watching a bit of TV from 5.45 I was very wide awake. Breakfast wasn't on until 7am, but the hotel gave me some food to eat now and take with me, which was great. I got the 7.30am shuttle bus from the Kings hotel which is the main hotel that people are staying at, got to the track at 8am, the women's 10km had started at 7.30am so they were well into there race.

Sue Archer from ACT had a great run in winning the W60 in 43.23 and Janine Kingston looked fantastic in 2nd place in W45 in 44.33 a very impressive run from here, must be the Ken influence (just kidding). Then Sues husband Paul did a 42.56 in the M60 and could only get 4th, a very tough field. Finally to my race, I did 42.36, I am not sure what my splits were, but I slowed down in the middle and I was starting to think 44mins, but I got stronger in the the last 3-4kms and was rapped in finishing under 43mins, prior to me finishing Bruce Graham was passing me at regular intervals and lapped the whole field and blitzed them in a very very good time of 33.13, Bruce is like a good Red wine he is getting better with age, when he hits the 50 age group he will be challenging the best in the world, he should look at Finland in 2012.

Also running today was sprints, Corey Collins picked up medals in the 60 & 100 (also 800), Sue Bourke was impressive in getting silver in the W50 60m to the great Marie Kay who set a World record today in the W50 Long jump. In the 800 metres we picked up a number of medals, Gold W80 Gwen Gleeson, Silver W70 Corey Collins, W55 Kathy Sims, Tony Booth M70, M60 John Lamb, M55 Ken White (Ken had a great run in 2.18.5, he moved to 2nd with 150-200 to go and really ran on strongly, very impressive) Bronze - M60 Geoff Sims (both Geoff & John had great runs in the M60, both were near the lead the whole run but the winner held them both off well).
Katie did really well in the W40 800, considering she flew into Perth today from Canberra, came straight to the track from the airport (thanks to Ken for picking her up), she ran 2.36 only 2 secs outside her PB and with the 1500 and 5km coming up, her best is still to come.

Overall it was a very good running day for the ACT, always punching above there weight, tomorrow I have the 1500 metres, I have added a few pics from the medal presentations, Ken was getting carried away with the moment.


strewth said...

Wow what great results - thanks for a great report Roger.

Carolyne said...

Ruth got in first, but it is a great report Roger! Thanks for keeping us all in the loop. Don't worry about those sticks, food is too an important part of life. Keep well.

GRIFFIN said...

Fantastic report Roger...

What a great day of racing by our friends, plenty of medals, can't wait for more, thanks mate :o)

Yours in Running Writing

Gary (GRIFFIN) Bowen