Monday, July 30, 2012

Olympic Tennis

I went to Wimbledon today to watch the Tennis, the weather wasnt looking good, I had a ticket for Court 1, only the Centre court has a roof. The first match on court 1 was Djokvic V Fabio Finggi... of Italy, it started late after some early rain, we managed to get thru 6-7 games before it rained again, they were off an hour before they camw back then we got to 6 all in the first set and 7all in the Tiebreak ebfore rain stopped play again, about an hour later they were already to start again after it stopped raining for awhile before it started again. I went home at 6 after it didn't look like they. With the Tennis, it officially became the 7th Summer Olympics in a row that I Have been to and watched sport at.

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Flabmeister said...

Sounds more like weather for a floater than strawberries and cream!